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About Dionne Malush

Dionne Malush is a listing and marketing specialist in the Pittsburgh area. In real estate since 2004 she calls herself The Almost Famous Realtor. With a creative background (over 27 years as a graphic designer) she has been able to climb to the top in her market utilizing her artistic ability. Dionne is a 1989 graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Since starting her real estate career she has been coached by many of the top real estate coaching companies in the country. She was ranked in the Top 500 Real Estate Marketers in the US and Canada. Dionne is a Certified Home Selling Expert which entails hours of training each week. Her graphic design background and many years of training help to set her apart in an industry where anyone can become a real estate agent but becoming a successful agent is a much bigger challenge. She is able to really showcase her listings because of the marriage of graphic design and real estate. Her properties stand out for many reasons including utilizing professional photographers and treating a home as a product that deserves the very best marketing. She consistently sells between 60-75 homes each year when the average agent nationwide sells between 8-12. In 2015 her best year ever she closed 74 transactions while being injured for the last 2 months of the year. She also closed her biggest transaction of her career by selling a home to one of her beloved Pittsburgh Penguins. She has also co-authored "The New Rise in Real Estate" a book that has reached #1 on's 2012 Best Seller List. Malush just recently published "25 Tips for Selling a Home in Pittsburgh" which is also sold on Amazon.An avid sports fan (Steelers Penguins & Pirates too) she also loves Corvettes Mercedes Bentleys and Drag Racing. Enjoys going to beaches especially Key West Myrtle Beach Outer Banks and Santa Monica. She loves spending time with Jason her longtime love just going jet skiing and snowmobiling.